We have all heard so many tragic stories about young children falling to their deaths from a balcony or a window. Take steps to prevent these tragic accidents.

Safety netting balcoy - Dubai JLT.

Safety netting balcony 32nd floor – Dubai JLT.

  • Never let little ones get onto a balcony unless somebody is with them. Secure access doors and windows.
  • Never let little ones clamber up to a window or to balcony rails. Chairs, sofas, tables, plant pots, toys lying around? Little guys can climb these.
  • Are the balcony rails or walls high enough? Dubai Authorities stipulate 90 cm.
  • Is there a ‘step-up’ wall, or any other kind of ‘step-up’ which reduces this height?┬áLike the one over here on the right >>
  • Are the gaps between balcony railings too wide? 9 or 10 cm should be the maximum. If a little head can squeeze through so can a little body.
  • And worse – are the rails horizontal, like a ladder! Or do the rails or brickwork offer neat little footholds like a climbing frame?!

Be aware. Prevent the unthinkable from happening.